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I was dismayed by the layout your Nov. 17 article regarding physician payments by industry, which appeared to unfairly sensationalize the amount of money received by local Drs. Daniel R. Bensimhon and Mohamed K. Mohamed. A short segment with a large picture to draw attention played on the front page; the verbiage of this segment mainly dealt with the money these two physicians received. The meat of the article was buried much farther back in the paper.

The context was not immediately obvious. I work with Dr. Bensimhon closely. He has spent untold hours taking care of sickest patients in the region, and I am sure that many of your readers have family members who he has nursed back to health. He is a national thought leader in congestive heart failure and has been recruited to multiple academic institutions. The Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at Moses Cone, which he established, is a model nationwide. He speaks around the country to other physicians and indeed receives payment for this, but he is educating in his area of expertise to advance knowledge of clearly life-saving therapies.

This article should have presented more context up front. Hopefully, this will be a consideration for the paper in the future.

Dalton McLean, M.D.


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