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Regarding the Democrats’ debates and Asheville police chief:

Compare these emergency room visits. In 1964 in Raleigh, I was given a semi-private room. Sixteen years later living in London — a free-Medicare-for-all country — I was put in a 12-person ward. If Canadian health care is so good versus ours, why do so many people come here to avoid long waits or for procedures not available there? Their medical resources are still strained. Though drug companies deserve appropriate criticism, what countries with socialized medicine develop as many needed, effective new drugs as ours? Be careful what you wish. You may get it.

Tariffs are taxes. The recent increases in tariffs on foreign imports are apparently passed to consumers through increased prices. Corporate income taxes are taxes. Some propose raising these from about 25% to as high as 90%, apparently making these additional funds available to help consumers. Why would corporations not pass these tax increases to consumers, as they apparently do with tariff increases?

Priorities. I read that the new Asheville police chief’s primary focuses will be on community relations and diversity awareness. Important, but I would have thought they would be on crime and law enforcement.

Bruce Raynor


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