Regarding Charles Moore’s letter (Dec. 20) about the facts in the Tamir Rice shooting — which he wrote in reply to my Dec. 16 letter advising people to obey the police: The police officer said he told Rice to “put his hands up” three times before shooting. This hasn’t been officially disproven so far. If it subsequently is disproven, then obviously the Rice case isn’t a good example of the point of my letter, which was, if the police give you a command, obey it at the time and protest later, through channels, if you want.

I’m not sure why Mr. Moore wanted to nitpick my letter. Based on his comment about “white privilege,” I assume it helps him assuage his own white guilt. Perhaps he and those of his ilk could better assuage this guilt by becoming police officers or volunteering to work in high-crime neighborhoods.

I suspect he’d either quickly change his tune on these matters, or we’d soon be reading his obituary. By the way, he forgot to address Asian privilege or Hispanic privilege. They must have some inherent advantage since they don’t suffer the same fate as some black people, despite language barriers.

Mark Underwood


Editor’s note: According to the police video, the Rice shooting took 1.5 seconds.

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