Climate change and the health of the planet is only getting worse, the Trump administration is helping it get worse, and it makes my blood boil.

We have enough fossil fuels to drive us over the edge; oceans are rising and acidifying uncontrollably; climate disasters are happening every week; mass extinctions of plants, animals and insects have begun and food webs are rapidly collapsing as we speak.

Even if the whole world completely cut off carbon emissions today, scientists say one-third of Himalayan glaciers still will be doomed. Climate change will cost us trillions of dollars. Everyone should be up in arms, and I can’t believe Congress still hasn’t taken significant action.

Here are things we can do and get Congress to do: Plant native trees and protect forests; protect and plant seaweed, sea grass and kelp forest ecosystems to mitigate ocean acidification; create a carbon tax; abolish offshore drilling and seismic testing; support living shorelines; protect endangered species and ecosystems; drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions; ban pollinator-killing pesticides; embrace renewable energy; and vote for pro-environment leaders.

Samuel Dawson


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