This is a time for a call to arms. We must insist that our state join the majority of other states and expand Medicaid availability. In the past, we have used altruism. We have talked about the jobs that would be created, rural health facilities that would be saved and the number of low-income persons who would have health insurance for the first time.

Now, let us look at the situation from our self interest. You and I may have great health insurance far and above what the Affordable Care Act provides. But we are in a pandemic. There is an exponential need for testing sites, beds for virus victims and other needs. Our usual medical facilities (Cone, Wake Forest, Duke, UNC, East Carolina University, etc.) will be overwhelmed and our loved ones will not be served on a timely basis. There are already signs that elective surgery may be postponed. If one’s dear friend or loved one has cancer surgery delayed, this can be demoralizing.

The solution: Make the tent larger. Give everyone a better chance to curb this pandemic.

Do not wait until the November elections. Do it now.

Led Austin


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