I have read the Mueller report in its entirety. I was angry but also incredibly saddened to realize that my fellow citizens allowed their worst fears to overcome their sense of right.

They elected a craven, deceitful cretin to the highest office of the land. The report lays out the facts like nails in a coffin; it contains example after example of deceit, arrogance, weakness, bullying and moral cowardice — ample evidence of an enemy power obstructing our electoral process with impunity and a candidate (our president) lapping like a dog beside them.

Now we have a phalanx of patriotic Americans who witnessed the president openly and arrogantly trading our tax dollars for dirt on his political opponents.

Thank God that their sense of morality and fairness far outstrips that of this president.

Some say that our country will be hurt by initiating impeachment proceedings. I say we can only regain our national moral compass by exercising that most important constitutional precept: No man is above the law.

Tony Saiz


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