Nike was preparing to market a line of sneakers with a Betsy Ross American flag on them. Nice gesture, and Nike needed to mend fences, but America-hater Colin Kaepernick disagreed.

He was offended by the flag, which he believes stands for slavery and oppression and racism. Multi-millionaire Kaepernick, who despises everything about the country which made him rich, is allowed to dictate what Americans can buy.

Of course, the national media says he is just exercising his freedom of speech, and the flag has become a racist symbol.

The New York Times wrote that the flag “has, at least in recent years, cropped up in association with racist ideologies.”

Really? Needless to say, Nike caved.

Nothing surprises me now. When I was growing up, Kaepernick could not have found a sewage treatment company to sponsor him.

Now the media loves him! Go figure.

I am sure that there are those unpatriotic, eternally offended souls who will run right out and buy more Nike shoes.

Personally, I will never buy another Nike product as long as I live, nor will I watch anything they sponsor, including the NFL and NBA.

Robert Gaines


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