As a parent and educator, I support the proposed new school disciplinary policy related to short-term suspensions in Guilford County Schools.

I read the new proposal and this policy will allow parents and the students to have a voice (appeal process) in short-term suspensions just as it is given for long-term suspensions. If the student is considered a danger or too disruptive, he or she will not be permitted to attend class while the appeal is in place. If the student/parent wins the appeal, the disciplinary action will not become part of the student’s permanent record, which could have a negative impact on college or military admission.

My mother used to say, “I will stand up for you, if you’re right and deal with you, if you’re wrong” (I’m paraphrasing). I have the same philosophy with my own children, but it means nothing if there is no procedure in place for me to “stand up” for them.

To me, arguing that students and parents having a procedure spelled out takes power away from teachers and principals would be the same as saying having due process in our courts takes away power from district attorneys and judges. It’s just plain ludicrous.

Catherine Netter


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