We’re all aware now that the voters took a chance on getting the lesser evil in the last presidential election.

And we lost that bet.

Now it looks as if the Democrats are trying to get him re-elected by putting up left-wingers who’ll confiscate the product of your labor to buy votes from dependent people, who’ll continue creating special protections for any class of complainers, and who probably would set up as dictators by continuing the Obama-Trump abuse of executive orders.

I can see only two hopes: Mr. Trump may decide not to run so the Republicans can give us a good candidate like Romney or Kasich. Or Jim Mattis may become a new version of Ross Perot and run without a party.

I really want one of those things to happen or I’ll have to make a protest vote for the Libertarian candidate again, which actually wouldn’t be a bad idea. Gary Johnson and William Weld would have done OK if they could have been elected.

But then, even I couldn’t do worse than what we have now, or what I imagine we’d have from any of the Democrats’ current crop of candidates.

Michael Woods


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