In a May 5 letter, Keith Davis aptly describes the City Council’s vote to rezone property at Lake Jeanette Road and Lawndale Drive as a fiasco.

His suggestion for combating unwanted development is appreciated, but other issues need considering.

On the April 21 agenda were votes for two contested rezoning requests. The council’s decision to place these on the agenda during a stay-at-home order was surely vetted by its legal team, but just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. Residents were denied the opportunity to appear before the council. Virtual comments were accepted prior to the meeting, but how do the commenters know they were heard?

I am sickened when passing the “Devil’s Triangle” knowing this canopy of trees will soon be razed to make way for an unneeded office building, despite the protests of more than 300 neighbors. Why did the council accept the developer’s request over the requests of the neighbors and the Zoning Commission’s unanimous no vote to rezone?

Thanks to Mayor Vaughan, Michelle Kennedy and Sharon Hightower for considering the needs of the neighborhood. Justin Outling failed to serve his district.

As citizens our voices should be respected instead of neighborhoods pooling their money to purchase properties.

Rita Jennings


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