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I don’t understand how, day after day, people are contaminating recycling bins with trash, when there are signs everywhere and marked cans provided specifically for recycling. Every single bin I look at is contaminated, as it is every time I go somewhere.

In the specially marked bins, there are constantly paper bags, plastic bags, cardboard and even a waxed milk carton, even though that they are clearly marked “no paper bags, plastic bags or cardboard.” In the plastics bin, there are hundreds of items that aren’t recyclable, like hard plastic, food trash, Styrofoam, etc. I am not sure I want to continue recycling because I feel that almost nobody else does, if the bin is already mixed it will just end up at the landfill because the workers at the recycling plant are not going to sort it.

So I urge you to take the time to recycle properly.

Adam Wammock

Pleasant Garden

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