I believe that in the newspaper facts and the ability to present them without name-calling is particularly important. While you may have no control over the information presented in letters to the editor, you do have the ability to set such standards for your community editorial board.

Board member Romaine Worster regularly uses insults and poor factual information in her columns.

Today (column, Dec. 2) is just the latest example of such.

First, she insults millennials, many of whom are gainfully employed. For those who are not, it is often a reflection of failed capitalist policies. (Which is not to say that this fact would have me condemn all of capitalism.)

And then she describes a recently elected legislator as “a wispy flibbertigibbet.”

No matter what you think of her politics, this is inappropriate.

Second, she critiques this legislator’s ideas only by looking to the failed economy of Venezuela, not also considering the democratic socialist countries in the Scandinavian region. I fully appreciate seeing both sides of any story presented in your editorial section.

I don’t appreciate allowing sanctioned columnists to behave without abiding by appropriate civilized standards of discourse.

Ronnie Grabon


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