'I want a future': Global youth protests urge climate action (copy)

Students and guests gather on the steps of the Statehouse during a climate change protest on  Sept. 20 in Indianapolis. 

North Carolina has been devastated by hurricanes for years. The presence of climate change is undeniable.

Despite being able to see and feel these effects, our Republican leaders have been slow to react to the problem; at least they’re talking about it. It is no longer only farmers and fishermen who are noticing the changes; it’s everyone.

Just last week we had record-breaking high temperatures in a fall season and it’s not finished. Climate directly affects people and the economy; that is why I believe every politician in North Carolina should have a climate change policy in his or her campaign paired with demonstrated knowledge to enact positive change.

Voting time is approaching fast and this issue must be addressed by anyone who is being considered for office.

Brandi McIver


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