Ideas Bower (copy)

As I watched the news two nights ago there was a story that caught my eye. Someone had started an “insulin caravan” to Canada for people with diabetes to buy drugs they could not afford in the United States.

One of the women was interviewed in the store holding a small vial of insulin.

She remarked, “This bottle in the United States is $340 and here it is $30.”

The pharmaceutical companies can charge anything they want because the politicians in Washington will not do anything about it as long as they benefit from it.

I googled open and went to pharmaceuticals/health products to find out how many lobbyists these companies have in Washington. They have 1,265 and they spend more than $86 million a year making sure nothing is done about their price-gouging.

Why cook the goose that lays the golden egg?

Something has to be done. People are dying because they can not pay the enormous price the companies are allowed to charge.

Maybe we should start a medical caravan to Canada. Anyone up for that?

Margaret Willard Weikel


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