20180219g_muirs chapel apartments_Rendering (copy)

Rendering of the Muirs Landing apartments planned for Muirs Chapel Road and Kenview Street. 

Construction has begun near my home on the Muirs Landing Apartments, and traffic conditions are about to get a lot more dangerous for those of us in the area. Drivers routinely ignore the speed limit and come barreling down Muirs Chapel — they will now be posing a threat to my new neighbors in the 72-unit apartment complex, as well as those of us who already live with this dangerous driving on a daily basis.

This time last year, I was angry at City Council member Michelle Kennedy for skipping multiple meetings with myself and my neighbors over our concerns. I was angry at another council member, Goldie Wells, for her callous comments in Margaret Moffett’s April 28, 2018, article suggesting that my neighbors and I don’t want to “live next to us (sic?) who don’t look like us.”

When I read her comments I was infuriated by the implications of her words. Here was a politician who does not know me, and to my knowledge did not meet with my neighbors, implying that our objections to the development were somehow malicious. The issue has always been traffic. What action is being taken by the council to ensure my safety and the safety of my current and future neighbors?

Rachel Sanders


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