Bob Mueller should pick six to eight folks on his team to testify before all committees, starting next week. Some may be better speakers than Mueller, a self-declared writer. Those men and women likely know both volumes of the report as well as Mueller. Let them and/or Mueller decide who testifies where, simultaneously.

Let’s meet them. Publicize their bona fides.

Trump’s sad constipation of the U.S. and the free world has dragged on far too long. McConnell and Trump lack the power to stop this idea. It is not a “Mueller report.” It is the Russia-Putin-Trump Report. Go sailing, Bob. Happy trails.

In 1967-68 I was proud to be there on the U.S. Justice Department team of devoted patriots who spoke to everyone in the DOJ halls. I left before Nixon brought in John Mitchell, who then served prison time. Now, history repeats.

Our worst attorney general since Mitchell is Barr —Trump’s love puppy. He and Mitch McConnell do not get to run this country. Let’s take it back. This is not Democrats versus Republicans. It is Roman democracy versus Caesar.

Ray Rimmer


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