And so it ends. Not with a bang but a whimper. Still, the desperate Democrats and the no-credibility media — so sure for so long that Mueller had the smoking gun — continue digging their grave deeper, creating a headline “bombshell” revelation over Mueller’s essential apology that the best he could say was that he couldn’t say Trump had not committed a crime.

Media and politicians can get away with this upside-down, “guilty until proven innocent” character assassination. But a criminal investigation requires a finding of guilty or not guilty.

Mueller’s quick walk, taking no questions and saying there will be no future testimony screams cover-up. An investigation that reviewed millions of documents, pressured and intimidated hundreds of Trump associates — including pre-dawn raids and solitary confinement led by Andrew Weismann, the overturned, overzealous, cited-for-withholding-exculpatory-evidence, Clinton-wake attendee, could not come up with one chargeable offense.

Sound and fury signifying nothing, like all the other Trump investigations, revelations, books and critics which haven’t laid a glove on the man. And now the hunters become the hunted and real crimes will be charged, possibly going to the top. Then there will be a bang.

William Warner

High Point

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