For a congressman, Rep. Mark Walker shows an ignorance of the Constitution and the impeachment process that is startling. The Constitution give the House the sole power to decide if an action is impeachable. The House acts as the prosecutor of the case and has the duty to conduct an investigation before charges are brought. That is exactly what Chairman Adam Schiff and fellow congressmen, including Republicans, have been doing: conducting an investigation.

If the investigation supports charges against the president, the matter will be brought to the full House for a vote. If the vote is for impeachment, then the matter goes to the Senate for a trial. Then the issues Walker raises will come into effect.

Walker’s op-ed (Nov. 5) is a failed attempt to defend his unseemly behavior attacking the impeachment process. He is trying to prevent the House from doing its constitutional duty, and trying to cloud the issue of the behavior of the president by raising false concerns about the process. At the trial in the Senate, everyone will have access to all the information; the president will have his attorneys; etc., etc.

Just allow the process to unfold, and then make the judgment about whether Trump should be removed from office.

James Bennett


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