Kathy Manning, who is running to become the Democratic candidate for the N.C. 6th District in the U.S. House, favors important reforms in health policy.

Insurance companies now spend 15-20% of the premiums they receive on executive pay, shareholder dividends and promotions. When the crafters of the Affordable Care Act tried to include a public option (that, like Medicare, would spend 3% of premiums for administration), to compete with the private industry, the insurance lobby applied pressure and Congress withered. Kathy Manning won’t.

Drug prices are high because markets aren’t open. Manning supports permitting Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies, a measure opposed by the nefarious drug companies. Their lobbyists hold sway over many in Congress, but never Kathy Manning.

There is a reason “Profiles in Courage” is but one slender volume. Health policy is hamstrung by the drug and insurance industries, leading to inflated costs, which makes American health care much more expensive than all other developed countries.

Kathy Manning will stand up to these special interests and make health care affordable for all. Vote for her on March 3.

Richard J Rosen, M.D.


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