The News & Record article (“District 13 contest tightens,” Sept. 27) was an update of the Kathy Manning-Ted Budd race for the U.S. House of Representatives. It was portrayed as a “culture clash” between a wealthy Democrat and a gun-store-owning Republican.

This race is about so much more than this simplistic description indicates. While Kathy has indeed done a great deal for the arts in Greensboro, she has also been a small-business owner and law partner.

She has worked tirelessly to bring good jobs to the Piedmont. She has made great efforts to provide health and medical care, job retraining, and mortgage assistance to those suffering from the Great Recession.

Kathy has helped provide school readiness programs for underprivileged children, is working to make college more affordable and advocates continuously for veterans and retirees.

Kathy has personally negotiated with insurance and health care companies on behalf of her own daughter, who has a pre-existing health condition.

This contest is about more than “culture;” it will determine if the citizens of the 13th District move forward into the future in a way that is equitable for all.

Kathy will fight in Washington to make North Carolina a better place to live.

Kay Zimmerman


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