Voting Machines (copy)

I saw on the news where activists and students at N.C. A&T had been granted an early voting location on campus. I think that this is good along with paper ballots; everyone should have an opportunity to vote.

Greensboro has more than 30,000 college students and the vast majority are passing through our area as they complete their education.

The question I pose to these students/activists and our elected officials: Should these students be allowed to vote for bonds, local representatives, state representatives and national representatives for this area when they, for the most part, are just passing through? Wouldn’t a better idea be for them to absentee vote in their home districts, where the impact of their vote would not dictate how my tax dollar is spent on bonds, and their votes would not determine who represents me in local, state and national elections?

One day these students will settle down. How will they like someone else telling them how their tax dollars should be spent on bonds? How will they like someone else’s input on who will represent them on the local, state and national issues?

Max Madrin


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