In response to Fred Gregory’s letter (“Leftists stifle voices from right on campus,” Nov. 17) claiming that the “left” has taken over the country’s institutions of higher learning and at the same time is thwarting free speech:

I would point out to him that analysis from Georgetown University’s Free Speech Project suggests this “crisis” has been a bit overblown and there is limited evidence that conservative speakers are being unfairly targeted. The American Bar Association agrees, saying protests against liberal speakers have drawn less media attention.

There are more than 4,500 colleges and universities in the U.S. Of the 90-plus incidents since 2016 in which a person’s free speech rights were presumably “threatened,” only 60 occurred on college campuses. And those primarily involved the same few speakers, who tend to delight in provoking the left.

In the meantime, the conservative Koch brothers have silently contributed $256,780,623 to those same institutions to further their conservative agenda, in some cases attaching strings such as control over curriculum. So, let me ask who is really taking over America’s colleges and universities? And since when are protests not a form of free speech?

Nancy Halloran


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