In response to Nancy Halloran’s letter (Nov. 24) in which she claims there’s no problem with liberal dominance of colleges and universities: She cites “only 60” incidences in which “free speech rights were presumably threatened.” Only 60? There should not be one incidence like this. It’s ironic that her letter published the day after climate change protesters stormed the field during halftime at the Harvard-Yale football game and delayed the game by nearly an hour. Ms. Halloran asks: “Since when are protests not a form of free speech?”

The Founding Fathers used the words “peaceably assemble” for a reason. They have the right to peaceably assemble, but they do not have the right to unlawfully disrupt public events, get arrested and inconvenience of thousands of others, including those who were actually at work during the game.

Ms. Halloran then turns to the progressive playbook and trots out the evil Koch brothers, longtime villains of the progressive agenda. She may need to update that playbook. Charles Koch agrees with Bernie Sanders on the unfairness of corporate welfare and mass incarceration in the U.S., and David Koch is deceased. Just saying.

Tom Imbus

Browns Summit

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