How did this happen? In the July 5 paper Claudia Lange wrote a letter entitled: “Trump used Fourth for his political gain.”

The letter mentioned what the president did the night before at 6:35 p.m. This letter appeared quicker than a short-fused firecracker going off; most letters take two to seven days to be printed.

This letter had to have been written days before, as most of it was speculation, inflammatory words, a personal attack on the president, and it mentioned “partisan division.”

What we actually observed was a proudly presented history of the United States on our birthday. What could be more appropriate from the president of the United States?

To those who regurgitate negative talking points and disgust, and have “absolutely nothing good (to say)” about the president (from another letter last week), please take a minute of self-reflection and choose to work toward finding peace in a united America. Forgive the president — for your sake, and for all.

You see, the rest of us want to win, and we need you on the team to do so.

Randal Romie


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