We live in interesting times. The daily onslaught from Twitter is crazy. The attorney general, who is supposed to support the Constitution, takes Mueller’s report, writes his own summary, releases a portion, hides the rest, and calls it a closed case.

The released part of the report contradicted his summary, but that is only known to those that actually read the report. Now Mueller has contradicted almost everything Barr has said about it, and pointed to Congress that it is now its constitutional job to assemble the real facts to see if impeachment is required.

As for all the “let’s move on” talk from Tillis, Walker and others, are they ready to defend their inaction as the substance of the report is revealed? Have they even read the actual report (not Barr’s so-called “summary”)?

I lived through the Nixon years — it was not fun; it was hard work for Congress to do what they did. Members of both parties moved toward impeachment. In 2020 are we voting for the hard workers or those who delay, stall, deny, and distort the truth?

Jim Franz


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