Recent letters here have appeared describing the accomplishments of Trump’s presidency. However, for those with short-term memories, let us review his promises made when he was a candidate. Remember when he said he was going to:

  • Bust Obama for bugging the Trump hotel.
  • Show his tax returns.
  • Build a wall — and have Mexico pay for it.
  • Hire only the best people.
  • Lower the national debt and deficit.
  • Have Hillary arrested.
  • Replace Obamacare with something better.
  • Negotiate lower prescription prices.
  • Never take a vacation while serving.
  • Grow the economy by 6% per year.
  • Rebuild our infrastructure.
  • Bring back coal jobs.
  • Use common sense to fix the mental health system.
  • Drain the swamp.

None of these have been done, though he has uttered 13,000-plus documented false statements and lies.

Even the good economy we enjoy he inherited from the quantitative easing initiated by George W. Bush and sustained by Obama.

By his own standards, he is a loser.

James R. Jackson


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