After reading two letters rebuking those who protested Vice President Pence’s recent visit to Greensboro, I realized I must change my views about him — and President Trump as well.

It is our duty to welcome Trump with open arms, should we again be so fortunate as to be one of his destinations.

But we can do even better. President Trump is mortal. Sooner or later he will need a monument.

As a City Council member, Trudy Wade exhausted her energies trying to reopen the White Street Landfill. I suggest crowning that already towering landfill with an impressive structure to receive Trump’s remains. Included could be a huge bronze statue of Trump, enveloped in perpetual flames from the abundant methane (generated there by countless tons of buried garbage), and surrounded by tablets engraved with his best tweets.

Perhaps this statue could be accompanied by others of demons with flaming pitchforks.

This monument would draw the entire world’s attention. It really would!

Trump much resembles an Egyptian pharaoh, and this could be his pyramid. Its presence would put Greensboro on the map; press coverage of its construction would be extensive, and visitors would come from near and far to see it — our own local equivalent of Mount Rushmore!

Tom Kirby-Smith


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