Have you noticed that:

  • The people against raising the minimum wage are not the ones working and trying to make a living for that level of pay.
  • People against universal health coverage either have no current health problems or have insurance.
  • People who are for additional restrictions on SNAP aren’t the same people using them to feed their families.
  • People who complain about the great number of “welfare cheats” cannot name a single person who fits that category.
  • Some Christians forget that the Golden Rule applies to everyone who is less fortunate than themselves, including immigrants.
  • Fiscally responsible Republicans added $1 trillion to our national debt.

People use the excuse of “it’s the law” as a reason to justify discrimination, inhumanity and cruelty.

  • Some people think that to protect our nation’s values, they must restrict the rights of others.
  • People who are in favor of abortion restrictions are also the same people who are against expanding welfare and school programs for children.
  • “Good people” believe that Donald Trump will tell the truth.
  • Tax policy is benefiting the rich at the expense of the poor.

Jade Osborne


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