Israel-Trump Effect Analysis (copy)

U.S. President Donald Trump (left) shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in May 2018.

“King of Israel” were the words I woke up to one morning while listening to the news.

Yes, I had heard the president say things before, but after Donald Trump referred to someone calling him that, I shut it down. It had taken me a moment to even get up the words to write the editor on this one. As a missionary and lifelong follower of Christ, I was beside myself to hear those words. Every follower of Christ should be sick over such remarks.

As a lost sinner with no hope in this life, I ran into the open arms of Jesus and found a place to belong. He understood my rejection, pain, loneliness, suffering and hurt. He provided me with the healing of his love that no man can ever offer. There is no one who can ever compare to Him or the love that He gives.

The suffering He took in my place I can never repay, but I can stand in His defense against the words of foolishness spoken by the president of the United States.

There is but one king of the Jews. His name is Christ Jesus, not Donald Trump.

Darlene Lindsay

High Point

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