Recently I wrote emails to my representative and my two senators asking that they work toward congressional control regarding the recent events in Iran. I stated that I am very much against a new war with Iran. I did not mention either party in my appeal because I believe this has nothing to do with party and everything to do with all of us.

Today I received a reply from Rep. Ted Budd, listing the events and actions of both the U.S. and Iran in recent days. He stated that events are happening so quickly that “…we simply cannot let partisanship endanger U.S. personnel by slowing up our military’s ability to respond.” I agree that we cannot let partisanship endanger U.S. personnel, but it seems that Rep. Budd is assuming that requesting Congress to thoughtfully use its authority (as is its job) is a partisan matter. And with that I must disagree. It is not partisan to want the decision regarding the lives of our personnel and our citizens to lie in the hands of the many elected officials instead of one.

Otherwise, why do we have an elected body of representatives?

Anne Parlier


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