Gavel (copy)

Our city manager is to be commended for proposing a tax increase in the 2019-20 budget. Our state and federal governments should follow suit.

The great propaganda success of the “cut taxes” movement needs to be challenged. Conservatives especially have told us that 1) government should not tell us what we should do, and one way to attack “intrusive” laws and regulations is to withhold money to enforce them; 2) it’s the fault of those in need that they are in crisis, and our taxes shouldn’t be used to “rescue” them (“us”!); and 3) it is “my” (“your/our”) money that is being taken unfairly, despite already-low taxes.

Are these “my” roads and bridges, “my” schools, “my” police and firefighters, and “my” programs to ensure safety and provide for struggling neighbors? Did I build the road in front of my house? Did you build yours?

There are articles almost daily about issues in which funds are insufficient to do what needs to be done.

We are a people, a society, a community.

The false god of individualism needs to yield to a commitment to the common good. That includes sufficient taxation for us to be true neighbors to one another.

Leon Spencer


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