UN Extinction Report (copy) (copy)

To the real climate change believers, not the Al Gore hypocrites of the world:

If you truly believe that man is the cause of global warming, then do your part to help fix it. Lead by setting an example for everyone. We don’t have time to waste, so let’s start today. A few simple things we can do:

Don’t use a gas-powered lawn mower or weed trimmer; use a manual one and a pair of hand clippers. Don’t use a grill, and change your diet to meatless, and don’t use anything made from plastic.

Sell your car, and buy a bicycle, and take public transportation to where you need to go. If you go on vacation don’t fly or drive; take a bus. Just think how much this can help the environment when millions and millions of people are doing this.

I will be watching craigslist to see all of the true believers items for sale. I know this may be an inconvenience to some, but it is a small price to pay to save our planet.

David Burke


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