The Chinese, Russians, Iranians and North Koreans believe without a shred of doubt that America is too fat, lazy and self-centered to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to win a trade war or even a military confrontation.

Their erroneous belief in no way reflects most Americans’ strength and resolve. Jim Dye’s recent whining commentary (letter, “Trump’s tariffs will cost the American taxpayer,” Sept. 9) — about how toys, electronics and sporting goods will cost more and Christmas might be spoiled — reflects the weak and soft image that the liberal media want our enemies to believe. Really!

A $1,795 sacrifice is so small, even for those of us living on Social Security, compared to what our fathers, mothers, grandparents and their forefathers sacrificed to create and preserve the freedoms and prosperity we enjoy today. Is America that fat and selfish?

Make no mistake, China is intent on dominating the world economy. And Dye says: So what? Just don’t spoil his Christmas. Will our grandchildren even have Christmas with China controlling the world’s economy? Before President Trump they were well on their way.

Come on. Support the president and tell China we have the guts to win.

William Warner

High Point

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