“In Praise(?) of Guns.”

Without guns, how would the victims in the recent Virginia Beach massacre have died?

Without guns, how would those killed in Las Vegas in 2017 have passed?

How many of Greensboro’s homicide victims would still be alive?

How would Ted Budd raise money for his political campaigns?

How would the lives of shooting victims and their families be different?

How many fewer people would need counseling and therapy to work through the tremendous losses they’ve suffered?

What would firearms enthusiasts do for fun?

What would those Marjory Stoneman Douglas students have grown up to do?

What would Wayne LaPierre do for work?

How much happier would the parents of those kids who died at Sandy Hook be?

How many more people in this country would be leading happy, productive lives instead of mourning loved ones who passed needlessly — or lying in a grave themselves?

Guns ... we can live without them.

John Lowe


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