President Trump ordered Attorney General Barr to begin an investigation of the origins of the Mueller investigation. After all, “spying on a political campaign is a big deal.”

Let’s look at that. Russia was interfering with our national election. Trump associates were having communications with Russian government agents and holding meetings with them during the presidential campaign. Trump attempted to justify those communications with false statements, and his staff lied about Russian contacts. Why lie? If the FBI and other intelligence agencies did not investigate exactly what was going on there, they’d be neglecting their duty to protect the United States. Now the Trump people are suggesting the investigation was not justified and was politically motivated, even treasonous? Please ...

Several indictments were handed down (Trump was named an unindicted co-conspirator in one of those cases), people have pleaded guilty, and some are now in jail. Looks pretty justified, and the results of the Mueller investigation are not completed yet. Congress must review the complete Mueller report and determine what to do with it. Yet Trump, Barr and Republicans in Congress want to discredit the investigation. Trump’s people refuse to answer subpoenas or any questions by congressional committees. What are they hiding?

Gary Parker


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