Pompeo accuses Democrats of bullying in impeachment probe (copy)

If Rudy Giuliani is a window into the soul of Donald Trump, the president is in deep trouble.

Appearing on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” the former New York mayor looked like Richard Nixon did in his televised debates against John Kennedy. Giuliani was sweating bullets and it didn’t appear to be related to the temperature in the TV studio.

If this is the best Trump can do to bolster the defense of his actions in the phone call to the Ukrainian president, he is in for a rude (Rudy?) awakening. Giuliani seems unable to give a straight answer to almost any question, often giving directly opposing answers that make him appear to be either senile or lying. And I don’t believe he is senile.

So far, Trump’s defenders have done nothing but attack anyone connected with the inquiry into the phone call, deflecting attention from the core issue at hand.

Whether this tactic will fool some of the people all of the time remains to be seen.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Donald Trump, it should be clear that the circumstances around this controversy merit close scrutiny and investigation.

Making America great again demands that.

Bill Wallace

High Point

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