The year is 1940. Europe has fallen to the Nazis and Britain is under withering attack. Winston Churchill contacts FDR to ask why FDR held up desperately needed U.S. military aid. FDR replies, “I would like you to do us a favor, though. I’m in an election with Wendell Willkie. People say his son did bad things and want to find out about that. Whatever you can do would be great.”

The media discover the quid pro quo. FDR responds, “Fake news!”

He’s allegedly worried about British corruption or European allies not paying enough. Eventually, a heroic whistleblower comes forward. Subsequent letters expose the plot by a U.S. president to undermine our election.

We learn FDR, for his sole benefit, used U.S. military aid to a desperate country to extort that country into creating dirt on FDR’s political opponent. FDR flip flops, admits the crime but now says he has done nothing illegal.

Sadly, his political party remains silent.

This criminality would never fly in 1940, and we can’t accept this today. FDR would have been impeached and convicted by the Greatest Generation.

How will history judge us?

Brad Schamp


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