2017 video shows Georgia officer tried to stun Ahmaud Arbery (copy)

A protester with an image of Ahmaud Arbery on a mask joins others gathering outside the Glynn County Courthouse for a rally to protest the shooting of Arbery in Brunswick, Ga. A video released Monday shows police in Georgia attempting to search Arbery's parked car in 2017 and when he refuses and attempts to walk back to the vehicle an officer tried to tase him. 

I was an accomplice in black jogger’s death

Who killed Ahmaud Arbery, the young man shot while jogging through a Georgia neighborhood? Two white men.

Want to know who else killed Arbery? I did.

When I moved my purse because I saw a black man coming.

When I called the police because I saw a black person in my neighborhood.

When I protested the new school district that put too many blacks in my kids’ school.

When I told my child she could not go to play with her black classmate.

When I laughed at the joke with the n-word in the punch line.

When I told my friends I’m so tired of hearing about race.

When I ridiculed black people’s names, grammar, pronunciation, music and more.

When I claimed I was never taught discrimination because my parents weren’t racist — in our all-white neighborhood, all-white school and all-white church.

When I told my preacher who rebuked racism to stop preaching politics.

When I said slavery ended 150 years ago and they got civil rights 50 years ago, so what is the problem?

I killed Arbery, by blindness to my own implicit bias and by denying the existence of systemic racism in our culture. Did you kill him, too?

Melanie Rodenbough


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