In the sea of senseless overreaction to the coronavirus in which we now tread water, one of your letters made good, common sense: David H. Hopper, M.D. (“COVID-19 worries us; what about the flu?” March 2), emphasized the greater danger presented by the common flu as opposed to the coronavirus.

For no good reason events are canceled; restaurants closed; ghastly bastardizations of the English language appear (“social distancing” and “shelter in place”); and toilet paper vanishes from store shelves.

I regret that Rod Serling, creator of the great series “The Twilight Zone,” is dead and unavailable to turn his sharp wit against this state of sordid affairs. Perhaps he would have produced “The Corona Zone.”

But he did leave two legacies: two episodes of “The Twilight Zone” that are applicable to today’s lockdown mentality.

In “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” a rational group of people gradually turns into an out-of-control mob when trivial suspicious events occur.

In “The Shelter,” a rational group of friends turns into an out-of-control mob when they think aliens are attacking the Earth. They smash the door of one neighbor’s fallout shelter only to learn that the “attack” was a satellite.

Serling laughs at us from the grave.

Charles A. Jones


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