Voter ID

Irony upon irony. When will this ever stop?

Once again the NAACP has filed suit to stop the new North Carolina voter ID law. Over and over the NAACP has told us that black people in the United States are not as capable of attaining voter identification as white people. What a complete slap in the face of our black citizens.

Somehow, according to the NAACP, this law is “discriminatory” toward black citizens. Why? Would someone please explain why this would be true.

You know, we are not still living in the 1950s or ’60s, people!

Judge Loretta Biggs has wonderful credentials and has had a great career. Congratulations to her for her achievements She is a black woman, and an Obama appointee. Apparently, she also agrees with the NAACP that this law is biased, but if the law applies to all citizens — black, white, Asian or otherwise — how can it be biased?

I hope that someday a black judge will say with great indignation, “Enough! People of my color are just as capable as anyone else to get a simple voter ID.” Then we will know that we have turned a very critical corner in our society.

Sam Howe


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