To the northbound guy in the pickup truck on the corner of Church Street and Archergate:

Yes, three women and one male cyclist heard you yell out from your truck, “There’s a bike lane on Friendly — get the hell off this road!” This, despite the fact that we turned with the light, were going in the opposite direction from you, and therefore in no way impeded your progress.

You, sir, are no gentleman. I could tell by your accent, like mine, that you were raised in the South. We Southern mamas generally raise our sons to be respectful and polite to others in traffic, especially toward women, but apparently you either didn’t have that kind of mama or the lesson didn’t take.

I also surmise from the condition of your truck that I may pay more taxes toward the upkeep of the road I was traveling on than you do, and therefore have just as much right to be on it as you. Maybe if you tried cycling, you’d chill a bit and enjoy the Saturday morning scenery in Guilford County, which is beautiful. Bless your little heart.

Laura L. Lomax


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