Last week, a decorated Marine Corps veteran suggested that we visit the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va. It was far more than expected — brilliantly executed, and emotionally charged. Among the 156,000 troops invading Normandy on 6 June 1944 were the Bedford Boys. The tiny town of Bedford, population 3,200, sent 44 men into war. Thirty-seven of them stormed ashore on Omaha Beach. Twenty of them died that day. The memorial recognizes the valor, fidelity and sacrifice of all 9,000 Americans who died to secure our freedom.

I don’t doubt that most of those brave American soldiers would be appalled by the cowardice and dishonesty that pervade our Senate. Those patriotic men and women fought on two fronts against tyranny. Parts of our Congress seem hellbent on sustaining the destabilizing forces that Americans died to eliminate.

Shame on you for supporting someone who lacks the mental, emotional or ethical qualities necessary to govern. Shame on you for lacking the courage to oppose a home-grown tyrant whose vengeance could cost you votes. There’s a difference between selfless patriotism and selfish preservation.

Given senatorial biases, I suggest that Democrats explore censure versus impeachment. That might actually stand a chance of passing.

Bill Shore


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