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Rep. Jon Hardister at the News & Record in 2016.

I want to thank state Rep. Jon Hardister for being willing to publicly modify his stance on Medicaid expansion (HB 655), which he co-sponsored.

I agree with expanding Medicaid in this state, as I believe it is the humane thing to do and its economic benefit to the state is well documented.

However, the point I want to make here is that, in this current environment, it is rare for a politician to change his position once it is stated in public.

I believe that part of the reason for this is that the citizenry, the other political party, and even some media at times, have shown a tendency to condemn such a change as wishy-washy or opportunist.

I feel that things are often complex, which makes research, feedback and careful decision-making even more crucial.

Jane Harris


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