Becky Ceartas (copy)

Becky Ceartas, executive director of Raleigh-based North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, a group that opposes Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions that at least around 30 N.C. counties have approved.

This newspaper has reported on the drive of several citizen groups within North Carolina to create “Second Amendment sanctuaries” with the intent to limit or stop the possibility of implementing controls on the ownership and use of firearms.

There are no other developed countries that have our level of murders and killings due to guns. In the case of school shootings, we must address the root cause of why children are wantonly murdering other children.

But the plain facts are that the ease of obtaining firearms, the lack of any meaningful filters or controls on children and mentally ill people from obtaining firearms, and the pervasive culture of violence in our country have all contributed significantly to the creation of an environment where such murders are shockingly possible.

The lives of our children are more important than our egos and sense of entitlement.

Let’s step away from engaging in hysterics when we speak of controls on gun ownership and move to address the establishment of reasonable controls and regulation on gun ownership, the purchase of ammunition and the types of deadly weapons that should be available to the public.

Antolin Saiz


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