I hope all Republicans read Jennifer Rubin’s column “GOP is shrinking itself into oblivion” (Aug. 3). Rubin, a neo-conservative Republican, blasts Trump and his followers as “moral cowards” who “overwhelmingly support Trump, knowing (or willfully denying) that he’s a racist, a liar and a bully.”

She says the current Republican Party is irredeemable —“A party so thoroughly corrupted and devoid of intellectual and moral integrity cannot be rescued from itself.” Trump supporters will probably dismiss Rubin as a traitor, but, folks, she is one of your own, not some left wing Democrat. And also note Republicans like Congressman Will Hurd are not running again because of Trump and the racism in the party. Hurd is one of nine who have already announced they are stepping down. I am so glad that some Republicans are finally waking up to the cancer in their party. If only Mark Walker and Thom Tillis had this kind of courage.

James Bennett


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