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Gov. Roy Cooper drew a round of applause from farm families Monday when he said one of his top goals was to improve internet access for the state’s rural communities.

Watch Gov. Roy Cooper get clobbered for a fresh initiative to protect North Carolinians from the damage done by energy corporations!

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline has the support of the Republicans. Gov. Cooper has negotiated a fund with money from the power companies to repair the inevitable environmental damage that will be done by the pipeline construction — great idea! Thank you, Governor Cooper. Now Dan Forest, who is running against Cooper, has hired outside investigators and issued accusations that Cooper is lying about his meeting with Duke Energy (Cooper says he’s always said he met with Duke) and Forest acts as though there is a financial benefit to Cooper in the deal.

Forest repeatedly calls Cooper a liar. But what does not compute with Forest is a smart new plan for the state government to protect North Carolinians does not compute with Forest. He doesn’t get it. I think Forest ought to involve himself in thinking up some initiatives of his own to improve the lives of North Carolinians instead of wasting our time with his unfounded and scurrilous accusations. Aren’t we all tired of these political-gutter assaults?

Catherine Kimel


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