N.C. Folk Fest Saturday (copy)

Mila Hoyme twirls as she dances to Andre Veloz during the second day of the N.C. Folk Festival in Greensboro on Saturday.

Greensboro has a lot to be proud of: our wonderful parks and outdoor spaces; our great public library system; our top-notch police and fire departments; our world-class aquatic center; our new Tanger Center for the Performing Arts; and our many downtown organizations that are working hard to keep our city center vital and prospering.

But our annual N.C. Folk Festival is the jewel in the city’s crown for bringing the entire community together for a special weekend every year. Thanks to all the generous corporate sponsors, the organizers of the event, all the volunteers who kept it running seamlessly, as well as to the incredible food trucks and local breweries that provided the fuel to keep us going from concert to concert all day.

But the thing that really makes the event so wonderful is the true community spirit that was evident in every audience at every event throughout the weekend. It is truly a special event that can get 80-year-olds dancing along with toddlers (who were pretty much dancing to anything) and everyone else in-between.

I hope the Folk Festival will become a long-standing tradition for Greensboro.

Kent Boyles


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