Every North Carolinian who cares about patient safety should join me in asking our state senators to stop House Bill 36, a dangerous bill that would let non-surgeons perform delicate eye surgery.

Optometrists, who aren’t surgeons or even medical doctors, are lobbying senators in the final days of this year’s legislative session to pass this bad bill. No matter how the bill’s supporters might portray it, it has one objective: allowing laser and scalpel surgery by non-medical-doctors, a dangerous proposition.

HB 36 represents a radical departure from our state’s admirably high standards of patient safety and the quality of eye care. HB 36 is a classic example of bad legislation purporting to fix a non-existent problem while creating far worse ones.

Passing this bill would be bad medicine for North Carolina.

If enacted, HB 36 would put at risk all North Carolinians who need eye surgery. Our senators should not lower our state’s standard of surgical care, especially for something as precious as sight.

If HB 36 comes to a vote, they should reject it resoundingly. For the health and safety of the people of North Carolina, please call your senators at 919-733-4111 and ask them to defeat HB 36.

Vickie W. Clark


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