Trump Inauguration (copy)

President Trump shakes hands with Hillary Clinton as they arrive for the inaugural luncheon at the Statuary Hall in the Capitol in 2017.

The next presidential election is being decided now — not in November 2020.

Selection of candidates is key to results. Both political parties are shaping the results today.

Republicans are seduced by spoils of executive power and support the flakiest president ever. His re-election is their objective — not what’s best for Republicans or for America.

Democrats dangle extremist candidates with impractical ideas.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, fighting for the “most liberal” title, promise impossible schemes.

Old Joe is lovable, if capable. But lesser-knowns impress.

If 2015-16 taught us nothing about candidate selection, remember the choices.

While the Republican primary voters assumed the embarrassing populist would surely lose as we got closer, Trump out-shouted the other Republican candidates. His minority base was equally loud but active.

Democrats had no such problem. Hillary Clinton, the assumptive winner of the nomination and the election, watched the ultimate results in disbelief — as did her followers.

The two-party system let us down by offering two candidates who forced people to choose the lesser of evils.

Now is the time to demand candidates that are sensible, embrace the ideals of the majority of citizens and most important, what’s good for America.

Phil Koch


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