Regarding the letter by Jim Dye (Aug. 5): Most of the time, I can read these letters and shake my head and go on, but comparing Trump to George Wallace? There is absolutely no comparison. Wallace was a self-avowed racist; President Trump does not just say that he’s not, he shows us he is not racist by his actions. He supports Israel. He disagrees with abortion on demand.

Our president is an American, and he loves America and its people! Why are journalist not reporting the invading caravans marching in with flags of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala waving? Are these individuals clamoring to become Americans? I think not!

I thank God we have a president who knows exactly what they are and is trying to protect Americans.

Recognize the truth: The Democratic Party has no love for America nor a desire to keep it safe. Build that wall!

Diane Parnell


The writer is chair of the Rockingham County Republican Party.

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